Friday, April 24, 2020

Get Dressed Up With KIS

Typically during this time I'd be off to many different stores to find a dress, or skirt for my college's graduation.

Right now it is a great time to shop online!

  • Avoid the crowds of people.
  • Skip the time it takes to try many things on. 
  • Find the styles you like pretty fast. 
  • Get the size you need. 
  • Find the right color. 
  • Know the cost upfront. I hate trying to figure out discounts in my head. 
Like many schools, we have moved to having the school's graduation online via zoom. Not quite the same thing. I'm thinking when this is all over with I should have a party, for my students that I won't be teaching anymore. There are still questions, like will social distancing still be in order? It seems like COVID-19 won't let up any time soon.

It's important to still dress up. I don't know about you, but I enjoy looking good, for myself and for my family. Even if it's just looking good from the top up for a zoom video. Ha!

Skirts and dresses are comfortable! I love a break from pants. I just started getting hot in Nebraska. Finally our air conditioning is on. You can call it spring, but I call it dress and skirt season. KIS has this really cute off the shoulder dress casual. It works for special occasions, yet still comfortable in a quarantine.

KIS also has this new dress long sleeve v-neck skirt that is Christmas themed, but I'd wear it anytime of the year. Why not throw people off during the spring with something Christmas themed? If you wanted to wear it during Christmas time, it could easily be paired up with some tights to keep your legs warm.

KIS has affordable dress websites. Some dresses are up to 50% off! Certainly a great way to go. 

They have all kinds of dresses. 

  • Want something relaxed? They have it. 
  • Want something with a lot of pattern? They have that too. 
  • What something sexy? Why of course they have it.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I've only put on real clothes twice since quarantine. I can't wait to dress up and go out again when this virus business is over!


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