Monday, April 20, 2020

Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall #covid19 @nexoutlets

I just want to cry about this. Nebraska reopens an outlet mall in the middle of numbers rising - during a pandemic!

According to our governor Pete Ricketts, the mall was never asked to close in the first place. He of course isn't going to tell them what to do. He just wants us to be mindful, and take precautions. Basically have common sense.

The mall stores will have thermometers, people are asked to wear masks, and only 10 people can come in at a time.

One argument for them - How is this any different than a grocery store being open?

My argument against them - All these stores have online websites. If people want to shop, shop online. I do realize that there are people needed in warehouses, and package deliverers. But it still is less interaction than a variety of people shopping in stores.

Money shouldn't matter more than lives. Our numbers are rising, durning this pandemic. Stay home, if you can.

In the U.S. I feel like too many leaders have the mindset that money matters more than lives. There isn't a lot of talk about the people that suffer, the families that lost a loved one, how fast this is spreading. Instead it's bump in the economy!

This outlet mall opens, so we can conveniently spend our government check! People are bored. Let them be! Find a hobby! The land of the free has become the land of I can do whatever in hell I want to. We have a moral obligation to protect the workers that have to be out, weak, and elderly.

I really felt pissed off when I found out that the owner of the Outlet Mall is Rodney Yates. He's a Trump supporter big time. Ok, support who you want. I don't care what party you are for. It just seems to me that money to all that's mentioned in the post matters more than lives. Trump has backed the way Pete Ricketts has handled Nebraska. "Use your common sense Nebraskans." - Ricketts


Ok, I can back that common sense thing. I have common sense. I will stay home because I now can. I want to protect those that have to work, elderly, pregnant, and sick with something else people. Not everyone is doing that, nor do they have common sense.

What really bugs me is that this outlet mall is case study, for Trump, Ricketts and Yates. Seriously read here.

Look at the history of New York. So many people got the virus because they are in a tight area, where they travel out, and back in. This outlet mall sits in between Omaha and Lincoln. Two of Nebraska's largest cities.

I'm hoping each store chooses to stay closed. I, like many people need to shop. Mica's grew, and his pants look short. I'm holding off, and if I have to I'll shop online.


Jeanna said...

I could not agree with you more and the protests here are enraging. I don't know if people can't hold on for much longer or they don't care about what's going to happen. Maybe they don't understand the second wave is coming.

Theresa Mahoney said...

It's a slippery slope. I've seen both parties rallying to reopen the economy. I've seen both parties against it too. It's not so one sided. Jason is essential (he's been getting PPE equipment to our local hospitals and clinics) so he still works every day. However, he did have to lay off 40% off his staff. My mom has been laid off for a month. Most of these people we know that have been laid off or let go from their jobs live paycheck to paycheck and don't have 3 to 6 months of emergency savings. The stimulus is just a bandaid to a hemorrhaging problem. My mom has already had to use food banks and get the kids free lunches daily from the school. She'd much rather be working (even as a high risk senior citizen) then worry herself to death over where their next meal is coming from or what bill she can push off until money starts rolling back in again. What's the solution? How long can we realistically sustain keeping everyone locked up at home? If this sounds like I'm advocating for fully reopening the economy, I'm not. I'm on the fence though about how best to move forward until a vaccine is in place. I do think with proper social distancing measures in place, we can start testing the waters now. The outlet mall though? No. Not yet. Theme parks, concerts and such? No. But small businesses where mass crowds don't go at once, yes.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa - I totally get what you are saying. Travis still hasn't gotten unemployment money. His boss used his vacation time to pay him for last week. It is frustrating - the unknowns.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I agree. It is so frustrating not knowing what next week, next month, or the rest of this year looks like. Purdue is thinking about switching to all online courses this fall. She has to take summer classes now as it is just to stay on track to graduate in 2021 because of Covid19. She's a biochemist and doesn't know how online classes will work because she needs that hands on lab experience to actually learn. I told her she was right. She used to play games where she would do online surgery. It taught her anatomy and what it takes to be a surgeon, but that doesn't mean I want her operating on me without any real experience LOL.


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