Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In the Air

Original Sky Dive
Student Sky Dive
Original Hot Air Balloon
Student Hot Air Balloon
  • This is one of my favorite class projects. It's not a portfolio piece, but it teaches them a lot.
  • It's for Art Media Techniques class. I find two photos that have great colors, have my boss print them out on his huge poster printer, cut it up into 65 squares, and the students get one square from each poster.
  • They have to double the square they get in size, and create it using different techniques they grab out of a bag.
  • None of them know what the original images are. So...they may get a part of a foot, arm, sky, just a small part of a big picture.
  • When they turn them in, it's like putting together a giant puzzle. The students stand around and watch to see it come together. Some pieces are way off in value, so they didn't get very good grades compared to the ones that worked.
  • It looks bad when it's on the floor, but when it makes it to the wall it comes together.
  • I always love the squares that are made out of all junk, the paper punch one is cool too.

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Anonymous said...

wow, this is quite cool :) how you all artists do such stuff :D


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