Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Night Football or Should I Say Babysitting?

Will, Charlie and Isaak-This is why I have to watch Isaak like a hawk!
Will and Isaak
Isaak Walking Around their Backyard Saying, "Ball". I swear the kid dreams about balls.
  • We went over to Daddy's friend/co-worker Raul's house to watch the Husker's play. Mica kept asking, "Where does Raul live?" He thought he lived where Daddy works, Larson Dental Lab. He was pretty confused when we drove right on past the lab.
  • Whenever it is football time, that means it's babysitting time for me.
  • With Isaak around I have to watch him like a hawk. I just never know if he's going to try and put something in his mouth, throw a toy, get tackled by another kid, or try and go down some stairs by himself.
Will and Charlie
  • I'd say all in all the kids were pretty good. They played well with Raul and Traci's kids, Will and Charlie. Will and Charlie kept calling Mica "Jacob" and Isaak "Jake". I have no clue why. Their mom, Traci didn't know why they kept calling my kids different names either. Silly kids!
  • I got no photo's of Mica because he went inside while I was shooting.

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