Friday, October 16, 2009


  • I was outside a few days ago doing some yard work.
  • Our next door neighbor kid, who is in 2nd grade was outside too.
  • He was talking our ears off. I could barely hear anything he was saying because I was working, he wasn't right next to me talking and I have a cold.
  • Daddy was kicking a ball back and forth with him over the fence, and ended up kicking it too far. He had to go get it.
  • The kid kept talking to me. He asked me, "Hey do your kids have a Wii?" What I heard was, "Hey do your kids have any weed?" I thought I miss heard him, but that's what I heard. I quickly said, "No". He said, "Ya Wii is kind of expensive". Again I heard, "Weed". Then he started talking about the games that he has for it. It finally kicked in, he's talking about his, "Wii"!
  • I told his mom about what I heard, and she was cracking up so hard that she almost started crying.
  • This is the same kid that thought my name was "Honney" because that's what Daddy was calling me. The kid kept calling me, "Honney" and I didn't know he was talking to me. Finally his dad told me that he was trying to get my attention because he thinks that's my name.

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