Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Topic: Gastational Diabetes

  • I have a close friend that got diabetes when she was pregnant with her twins. She found out right before the holidays. Not fun!
  • Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar that starts or is first diagnosed during pregnancy.
  • Usually there are no symptoms, or the symptoms are mild and not life threatening to the pregnant woman. Often, the blood glucose level returns to normal after delivery.
  • Symptoms may include:
  1. Blurred vision
  2. Fatigue
  3. Frequent infections, including those of the bladder, vagina, and skin
  4. Increased thirst
  5. Increased urination
  6. Nausea and vomiting
  7. Weight loss in spite of increased appetite
  • However, high blood sugar levels in the mother can cause problems in the baby. These problems can include:

  1. Birth injury (trauma) because of the baby's large size
  2. Increased chance of diabetes and obesity
  3. Jaundice
  4. Large size at birth
  5. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Rarely, the unborn baby dies in the womb late in the pregnancy. Mothers with gestational diabetes have an increased risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy and delivery by c-section.
  • The goals of treatment are to keep blood glucose levels within normal limits during the pregnancy, and to make sure that the fetus is healthy.
  • Gestational diabetes may not cause symptoms. All pregnant women should receive an oral glucose tolerance test between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy to screen for the condition.
  • A doctor will work with the mom on changes in their diet for the remainder of the pregnancy. There are even classes they can go to that help them to understand diabetes since it is new to them.

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Felicia said...

I also had a few friends with this. It was definitely a hard pregnancy for them. They actually tested Graham for it right after he was born because of how big he was (8lbs and 13oz !!).


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