Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 Generations of Messed Up Feet

  • Blurry Isaak, but there we are. The two legs up on Grandma Spiehs' scooter are mine and her's. Her boot goes up a lot higher then mine. It's all our left foot.
  • My leg on the left and Grandma Spiehs' on the right. Our pants are pulled up to where our boot's stop. Grandma's goes up to her armpits I think LOL, just kidding. Her's does go up high though. Mine stops above my ankle.
  • Isaak's "Magic Shoes"- He's been asking to take them off. The shoe laces come untied a lot. Oh...and I can't forget, the bottoms are a bit slippery on our wood floors.
  • You can't tell in any photo's, but the shoes always look like they are on the wrong feet. The left one points to the right, and the right one points to the left.


Kim and Neil said...

The 3G photo is funny! :)

Felicia said...

That really is cute even though everyone is having leg and foot probs!


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