Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gretna, Nebraska

  • I was talking about how I've never been to my friend Debbie's house in Gretna, Nebraska.
  • Mica said, "Well...we can go there, and to the pumpkin patch since it's right there too".
  • I thought it was pretty funny that he remembers that the pumpkin patch is in Gretna, Nebraska. We hardly go, or talk about Gretna.
  • Then Mica went on to say, "Daddy just don't wear that scary witch's mask like you did last time you went to the pumpkin patch"!
  • How does this four year old remember these things that happened in the fall?
  • I guess I remember things too. It's called a selective memory. I remember having a strawberry patch in our backyard, and my mom had completely forgotten about it. I remember how I broke my collar bone, when my Dad had forgotten how. I was only four years old when these things happened too.
  • Funny how I can remember things well, but would fail just about every standardized test in school. I had to be in all the chapter one classes. I sure hope that Mica's not going to be like I was with that!

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