Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it Ok to Pick Favorites?

  • Awhile back I got a Parents magazine. Inside was an article titled something like, Is it Ok to Pick Favorites? I was thinking absolutely not!
  • The article wasn't saying that one of your kids should be treated better then the other, or that one is better then another. It was saying that your kids go through stages where one kid is in fact more pleasant then the other. Naturally we enjoy the one that is sweeter, quiet and helpful. After I read the article, I understood what they were saying. Yes I too have favorites depending on the stage my children are in.
  • I've known people that were treated lesser then their sibling their whole life. That is so not fair! I'm not in favor of this!
  • We LOVE both of our children! But I do have to say that Mica is driving Daddy and I crazy the last two weeks. His phase of not thinking he needs a nap anymore makes him difficult in the evenings! He can't focus on a single tasks, is grumpy and careless. He is also full of constant sound effects that pierce anyone's ears.
  • A few weeks ago Isaak drove us nuts, more then Mica. He went through a, "I want to do everything myself Mommy and Daddy" phase. He'd want to do somethings that he really was unable to do. He'd fuss over wanting to brush his own teeth. This is good, but not when he wants to walk or run with the toothbrush in this mouth. I'm so afraid he'll fall and ram the toothbrush up his throat. He insists on climbing into his car seat without help. Then he wants to put on his own clothing. He's not even two yet.
  • So do I play favorites? I try not to. But I do have to say that I too like one child more then another at times. It all depends on the day or in some cases week.

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