Monday, March 1, 2010

Isaak Got His Orthopedic Shoes

  • We had to get up early this morning to go pick up Isaak's orthopedic shoes. The company Markell specially makes them. The shoes are called: Tarso Medius Shoes that are made over straight lasts. I should of taken a picture of Isaak with them on. Finding them online to show my readers what they look like is near to impossible! When I did find them, the quality of the picture was low.
  • They are not as ugly as I thought! The ones they used to size him were not pretty! (See below)
  • These are the ones he got. (See below)
  • He has to wear the left shoe on the right foot and the right shoe on the left foot. He walked like he was drunk at first. I'm sure we'll get stopped and told that we have our kid's shoes on the wrong feet.
  • Potentially the only problem is...Isaak loves to untie shoes! We'll have to tie them a lot! Then of course he may trip over the laces when we don't realize he's untied them. The little "Punk" already had the double knotted laces untied while in his car seat.


Felicia said...

I hope these help. Did insurance cover them for you? I bet they are pricey!

An Apel a Day said...

They run about $100. I didn't think that was too bad for custom made shoes.

Insurance usually does not cover. although we don't know for sure yet. They run them through, and bill us. You'd think they would since they are correcting a problem. I guess they rarely cover shoes.

He was starting to trip over his left foot because it was turned in so bad. The bone from his knee all the way down is bowed. If it wasn't so bad, we would of just let him be.

Felicia said...

My brother had something similar when he was little and he actually had to wear the shoes and the braces.

GoIrishMommy said...

What was he diagnosed with? My son was diagnosed with Metatarsus Adductus at 13 months, despite our pushing our pediatrician (former) to get us a consult with a specialist since birth... Aj.was fitted for these same shoes after 7 weeks of short casts that, quite honestly, didnt do much since the Dr was careless with forming the 2nd and 3 sets of casts. These current shoes are rubbing his entire foot making the shoe unbearable. They tried telling me his foot is so wide they cant order a wider shoe, but in fact his foot is sliding around in the shoe causing the rubs. Help?

An Apel a Day said...

@Go Irish Mommy

This is a very old post. Isaak the one talked about here is now 4 years old. He had bowed feet really bad when he was born. When he was cutting teeth he was fussy and tripped over his feet. His left was worse than his right. Really his leg from the knee down was bowed. He tripped over his feet once, landed his head into my sister's coffee table and that's when we decided to see an ortho doc for kids. They fitted him in these shoes.

Our pediatric doc took his stitches out and said he didn't need the shoes. When he outgrew the ones he had we stopped using them.

The ped. doc doesn't believe that these shoes do anything. Recent studies show that keeping them barefoot actually is best; unless it's a big issue.

His feet now are pretty normal.

My sister's son had a club foot. They had to cast his foot to try and straighten it out. Then he wore a brace. It really helped.

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