Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home for Lunch

  • I only live about 7 minutes away from my work. Sometimes it's nice to just stay at work, socialize and get stuff done.
  • Daddy called me this morning, and seemed a little annoyed with the boys, Isaak in particular. I decided to head for home.
  • It is nice because when I go home, I do get a lot done.
  • Today I spent some time holding Isaak and read to Mica and cousin Evan. I ate. Then I took care of the many dishes in the kitchen, and ran my new dishwasher. The table and counters were a mess, so I cleaned them off as well (the best I could).
  • I asked Daddy to open the blinds to let some light in. Isaak kept saying, "Ninow", which is window. He wanted to bask in the sunlight. This brought back a memory from when I was little. I hazily remember laying on my dog's belly in the sunlight. It was so nice and warm. The only sucky part was when my dog wanted to get up. Clunk went my little head on the floor. My parents had to give up our 2 dogs when I wasn't even 5 years old because of my stupid allergies.

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