Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mica's Best Friend

  • Cousin Evan has been out of town for two weeks now. He gets back tomorrow. 
  • I asked Mica, "Do you miss Evan?" Mica said, "No Mommy." 
  • I think he really does!
  • You see Mica's been caring around this character that he's been calling his BEST friend. It's an inch tall.
  • This character has the same hair color as cousin Evan. ;) I guess he doesn't have hair, but his body is spiky like it's hair.
  • It's Mica's imaginary friend replacement.
  • Here's Mica and Evan and together.

  • This orange character and Evan sort of look similar in an odd sort of way. I even spotted Mica Watching Tom and Jerry with the orange character. 

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