Friday, July 23, 2010

Wash Those Hands!

  • In the past few weeks Mica has really stepped up to the plate to be a good big brother. 
  • I think it's really helped that their cousin's are out of town; it gives Mica and Isaak more bonding time with less competition. 

  • I heard the boys in the bathroom talking:
  • Mica: Isaak you should try and go potty after me.
  • Isaak: O tay Bica. Translation: Ok Mica.
  • Mica: Now we need to wash our hands Isaak. Now that Daddy put in a new facet we can wash our own hands. Come on step up on the stool.
  • Isaak: O tay Bica.
  • Mica and Isaak: They sang the alphabet together. (That's how long you're supposed to wash your hands you know).
  • Mica: Ok Isaak step down and dry your hands on your towel. (there's a hand towel on the sink, but that's ok).
  • Isaak: O tay Bica.
  • How cute is that?
  • It's moments like these that make me smile. :)

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Travis Apel said...

This is one of the best posts ever!


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