Monday, July 19, 2010

They're Out of Town and it isn't Such a Bad Thing

Bonding Time
  • Aunt Terra, Uncle Tyson, Nephew's Evan and Elijah all went on a cruise to Alaska. Very cool!
  • Those folks leaving means we don't have a babysitter for 4 days. 
  • I took some time off of work to cover for Aunt Terra.
  • It's kind of nice because it forces Mica and Isaak to play with each other more. 
  • Mica and Evan are the same age. Elijah thinks he's one of the big boys. That leaves Isaak as the odd one out. 
  • When they are all together Mica says that Isaak can't play because he's a baby. Aunt Terra said, "Elijah is the same age as Isaak." Evan and Mica were like, "Really?" 
  • I feel for the little guy! No one likes being left out. Trust me we've talked, and read books to Mica all about including people. 
  • A wonderful thing happened. Mica's been asking when Isaak is getting up from his nap? It's like he just can't wait for someone to play with. 
  • Now they aren't perfect, and have argued too. They are different ages, so they are bound to play different. 
Potty Time
  • Another great thing has happened as a result of Aunt Terra being out of town. I've left Isaak nude on the bottom half. He's been going potty by himself for 2 1/2 days! 
  • He had a little puddle on the floor this morning, and said, "Potty!" He went and finished up in the bathroom. I'm ok with that! I don't know if he will stay this trained when he's at someone's house. He will be clothed then. But I'm happy he's potting himself here!

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