Monday, February 7, 2011

Around The Table Family Talk Game

  • I just won and got a game called Around the Table Family Talk
  • It's great because we've been trying to sit around in a circle and just talk about our day, and ask each other questions.
  •  Usually Isaak answers every question with, "I not know." 
  • We tried the game out tonight. We clearly need to play it more! 
  • Mica was asked the question, "What would you do if someone offered you cigarettes?" He said, "I'd smile and say 'thank you." I don't even think he knows what cigarettes are. It was pretty funny.  We of course corrected him after I got done laughing.


What I Did Today said...

I love reading all the funny things Mica says! Sounds like an enlightening game.

Felicia said...

So funny about the cigarettes! Graham has seen those commercials that are advertising some sort of cigarette thing (don't even know what it is) and he has all sorts of questions! At first he said, "we must get those" because he thought it would be cool to blow "steam" from his mouth like a train. After I explained it to him he now says "that's gross and bad for our bodies" when the commercial comes on! LOL!


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