Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fashion For Boys

It really bugs me that when my children reached 5T, or extra small the fashion in boy's clothing went out the window. I look over at the girls selection and saw way more options then boys!

I am looking for winter coats. If any of my readers knows of a good place to get a good coat for kids, let me know! Preferably coats with metal zippers and not plastic. I will pay more money for a good coat. Especially when it comes to Mica because the coat will get used through 2 kids!

Childrens Place was great when the boys were little, now their selection is blah! It's pretty much solids, stripes, argyle or sports. I'm not into sports or argyle, so there goes 1/2 their selection. I do like their pjs and sweaters.

Crazy 8 is fun to go to. They do have argyle and sports, but much more added to their selection! Mica and I love their tie tees. For some reason Mica has this new love for vests. Not sure where that came from.
Suspender Ringer Tee
I usually like Gymboree to. It's a sister store to Crazy 8. I know it can be expensive. Again I'd rather spend some dough knowing that the clothes will last through 2 kids. I got 2 pair of pants for Mica at Gyboree for $6 last year. You just have to shop there at the right time I guess. Today when I looked on their site I wasn't that impressed.

Old Navy is hit or miss.

Where do you like to shop for boys clothing? I'm all ears.

Check out this cool hat I just won from My Baby Clothes Boutique for Isaak! I'm so excited to get it!

Cool hat found here.


Anonymous said...

Not justboys it is difficult to shop for men too....sigh


Eat To Live said...

Good luck on the metal zippers. I have a hard time finding metal in any zipper any longer. I think those days might be gone.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Reading this I realize I am pretty basic and simple when it comes to clothes for my little guy! That shirt up above is adorable though!


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