Monday, October 31, 2011

Apology Letters

Mica got in trouble three times last week at school. The teacher must not of thought it was a big deal because I heard nothing from school about Mica's bad checks. Mica told me. I emailed the teacher. Him getting in trouble at school is something new for us. We talked about it, did a few other things and I helped him write some letters.

  • He stepped on a girl's shoelace. He wrote, "I am sorry for stepping on your shoelace."
  • The second thing he did involved another student. Another boy said when the teacher stepped out of the room, "Hey Mica lets go under the table." Mica joined in because it sounded fun. Somehow this other boy got kicked. One time Mica told us it was on purpose and another time Mica said it was an accident. Mica got kicked by this same boy earlier in the year. Mica wrote, "I'm sorry I kicked you. Please forgive me. We really shouldn't play under the table."
  • The third thing also involved another person. A girl tried to kiss Mica on the bus to a field trip. Somehow that didn't happen. Later on in the day the girl did kiss Mica. Mica didn't want to be kissed by this girl, so he bent her finger back. Mica wrote, "I am sorry I bent your finger back. Please do not kiss me." 
I helped him figure out what to say in the letter, wrote it down and he copied it. All the letters said Dear so and so, and signed Your Friend, Mica. I don't know if we handled this the right way or not? It's how we handled it. This part of parenting is totally new to us. We've handled Mica and Isaak fighting, but Mica doing something bad at school just hasn't happened until now. It's harder to have him write an apology letter when another person was in the wrong as well. Our message to Mica was that it's ok to not like what someone has done to you, but you don't handle it with hurting someone. Instead you tell the teacher, and let her deal with it.

Mica didn't really fight me on writing the letters. He seemed to understand why he had to write them. It did take awhile. I made the mistake of writing my a's unlike how they are learning to write. I write a circle and continue with a line tail. Daddy caught this. I'm supposed to draw a circle, pick up the pencil and draw a straight line from top to bottom. I write my a's the lazy way I guess. At least my handwriting can be read. I've seen some people who write, and I can't even read what they have wrote.


Faythe said...

Oh geezers! I bet he feels bad enough too. I had a problem with my oldest one time and making him write a letter was the punishment he remembered! stepping on a shoe lace? was it in fun or accident. sometimes I wonder if the schools take some things out of context? I am sure he will remember this and I know he is a good boy and you are a good parent. Hang in there !

Liz Mays said...

I think teaching him there are consequences was a really good thing to do.

It's funny how we all have found our own ways to write letters. I'm sure very few of us do it the way we were taught!

Unknown said...

we are teaching our kids to not pick up their pencils so learning cursive is easier. I hope that he learned his lesson

Saru Singhal said...

His letters are so cute, I wish you can photostat them before he gives it to kids. And, he really bent the girl's finger...boys...:)

Eat To Live said...

You Know, when you have kids, they don't come with instructions. We just do the best we can and hope everything turns out.

I think you handled it very well. Most Mothers would not of had their kids write an apology letter.


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