Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Start of Winter

Two days ago we got up and I realized {crap} that we were supped to drop off our vehicle to get an oil change. We woke up at our normal time; when we should have woken up early! Both boys did not want to get up because Halloween was the night before and it has recently started to be dark when we wake up. Isaak was the most whiny lovely child.

Off we went. Both boys seemed almost concerned that we left the house without eating breakfast. It was kind of funny! We stopped off at McDonalds to eat. It is rare that we go eat breakfast somewhere! Usually we only eat out for breakfast on Mother's Day, Father's Day and trips. The boys were super excited! It was like we were going to the toy store. Isaak is so funny because he calls McDonalds "MickerDonalds."

Yesterday it rained, hailed and snowed for the first time. It has been unusually warm here. The snow melted before nightfall. That's how warm the ground was and wet the snow was. Sometimes we get our first snow before Halloween. I'm not complaining about the warmer weather. The love for warmer weather is part of why I moved to Georgia for awhile. Along with warmer weather comes bugs, mold and lots of pollen! With the fall of allergies, migraines and the love of family, I'm back in Nebraska. Home of the Heartland.

Ten reasons why I hate dislike winter: 

  1. I hate dislike putting the kids in a cold car with heavy coats on! I know I'm not supposed to put the kids in their car seats with their coats on. I was told this by a nurse when Isaak was born. I had a thin sweater jacket on him to take him home. She said, "Do you know that you are not supposed to have him in the car seat like that?" No I didn't know. How am I supposed to put the kids in their car seats without coats on? The car is freezing; their coats are hard to put on!  It's illegal to start your car here, while unattended. {The next two sentences are full of sarcasm} Why don't we just keep our kids naked and stick them in the car? They can turn into little ice cubes. I mean really! I'm one of those parents that shove their kids in their car seats with a coat on. Don't judge please. :) I don't know anyone who doesn't do that. At least I abide by putting my kids in car seats. Old times kids sat in the back or front of a car without a safely belt on. Now Nebraska wants you to have a kid in a car seat until they are 100 pounds. I'm not even being sarcastic with that last sentence! It's not a law, but it's recommended. They had a whole news section about it last year. I told Aunt Angela that she should still be in a car seat. She's tiny. Times have changed.
  2. Getting up early to a dark sky! No one wants to get up when it looks like it's night out!
  3. Coming home to a dark sky! It feels like bedtime when I get home from work! Boo!
  4. Slipping on the ice. Yep this has happened both while walking and with driving. Not lately, but shit happens.
  5. Time change bites! No matter how much you try to adjust; it still sucks. There is always one more clock somewhere that Daddy or I forgot to change. Then I'm completely confused! Read here for good time changing advice!
  6. I dislike Shoveling! Enough said.
  7. Retraining my three year old to put socks on. I think he's got it now. Sandals I love you!
  8. Sending our kids outside to play is harder.
  9. Our floors inside become a mess.
  10. Traffic becomes a mess! Yes this is true. There are more accidents in the winter because it's dark and slippery. The moment it became dark in the mornings, traffic has sucked! I've ran into two traffic jams in the last two weeks.


Eat To Live said...

I hate winter for all the reasons you listed... plus I could add a few of my own.

I put my warm fluffy sheets on last night. They feel so good on cold nights.

Anonymous said...

Same story here! Dark in the morning Dark at four pm! sucks....

Is it snowing already?

And obv kids should wear their coats in the car, nobody wants them to freeze and get cold....

I am not a fan of winter....not at all....

Liz Mays said...

I never even knew you weren't supposed to have their coats on in car seats. My kids always did! What's the big problem with it?

The floors, oh the floors...I feel your pain!

What I Did Today said...

Wow! You can’t warm up your car? Who made that stupid law? I totally think the car seat companies are the ones pushing the laws (and probably creating the statistics too).
I’m REALLY not looking forward to the time change. Then my kids will get up even earlier! Boo!
The dark and wet and dreary feels of winter can really get to you. Christmas helps with all the lights, but that’s just one month and then we’re back to the dark.
And no way am I going to take my kids' coats off. Puh-leez.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

ah..i understand...i love delhi winters...because summers here means 48 deg C.


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