Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Night I Felt Like a Disappointment

Daddy took Mica out to play on the metal slides downtown and then to gallery openings.

I had date night with my Isaak man. I asked him what he wanted to do after giving him options? He wanted to go to the pet store to see puppies. Guess what? They didn't have puppies at this pet store! I didn't feel too bad because we did like looking at everything else.

Isaak liked watching mice play in a wheel.

This lizard was a better model then most pets.
 I gave Isaak options of what/where to go eat. He said, "Home to eat split pea soup." at first. Then he quickly changed his mind to, "Mickerdonalds" McDonalds.

We ate and I asked Isaak if he wanted to go get his hair trimmed? He said, "Yes." He told me, "Mommy I won't be shy this time." ;) They got him right in. He looked uncomfortably shy the whole time! Then at the end when I asked him, "Do you like your haircut?" He said, "No." I thought he was still being shy. As we walked out he said, "I wanted my hair shorter!" :( Then I didn't know if he really wanted his hair short, or if a certain person that watched him this week made fun of his hair again? That's where the disappointment of a night comes in.

Well Daddy and I talked with him last night because we wanted to know if he wanted his hair short because that is what he wants, or if he was just made fun of too much about his long hair? He really wants his hair short. I wish I would have known this! So...we're cutting it all off for him. I want him to like his hair. It's not about what I want, or what any family member wants. I want Isaak to be comfortable with himself. 

Today or tomorrow Isaak's getting his hairs cut short.


Eat To Live said...

I am surprised that you let that woman anywhere near him the way she makes fun of him. People like that can scar you for life.

Anonymous said...

I like that you are so considerate with your sons :-)

~ Noelle said...

you are a great mom!!!
He might just now be ready for it to be shorter, but I would still have a talking to with her about the way she talks to him..

Anonymous said...

you are a great mom! I like to go see the puppies in the pet store too :)


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