Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today I Processed Leaves

A lot of leaves!!! I sucked them up with a leaf sucker, poured them in a trash can, put water in buckets and added the leaves.

It was a sloppy mess! Well worth it.

Now I have a wonderful ground cover for our bushes, trees and plants in the front yard. Grandpa Spiehs taught me this technique. He's an excellent gardener!

I had to stop every 10 min. because one little guy found a bat he was swinging around Mica, then it was a stick and then he decided to eat a leaf! I told him if he ate another leaf we may end up in the hospital. **This may be true. I can't breathe for 1/2 a week after I suck up a bunch of leaves. I even wear a ridiculous looking face mask.

Of course Mica was oh so bored. Isaak has always been able to entertain himself, while Mica is always like, "I'm bored!," "What can I do now?," "I'm hungry!" and "Can I watch a movie?"

It was really windy!!! I'm sure next week I'll have another driveway and yard full of leaves. At least I've got a start.

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