Monday, October 24, 2011


This morning I got to work. My co-worker asked how I was doing? I said, "Great I just got done with breakfast!"

She said, "What did you have?" I said, "Well I made..."

She said before I could finish, "You made breakfast? Do you do that every morning?" I said, "Ya."

She said, "WOW your kids are lucky!" I was thinking, "REALLY?! Isn't that what a mom is supposed to do?"

Instead I said, "Breakfast was pretty simple this morning. I made plain oatmeal, added dried cherries, ground flax seed and plain Greek yogurt." She was amazed.

I didn't say anything, but was wondering what kind of food she made her kids? Poptarts? I have no clue, and didn't ask. I'm not sure I want to know.

She's the nicest lady. Just not one that cooks, ever really.

Do you make and eat breakfast every morning? What is your typical breakfast like? Ours is usually toast with natural peanut butter, cottage cheese or yogurt and a fruit that we all split.

Ours is bigger on the weekends, but we usually eat a little later anyhow. This weekend we had whole wheat banana waffles.


Natalie said...

Oatmeal and is a big one here, I don't do the instant, but don't do the whole either. I use the quick cooking kind. Eggs on other days. Pancakes on others. And cereal on days I don't wanna cook!

Veronica Lee said...

We usually have nasi lemak - rice cooked with coconut milk and topped with fried peanuts, anchovies and sambal. Here's how it looks like -

What I Did Today said...

We had oatmeal today too. My kids love it. You know what? I haven't tried yogurt on my kids since I reintroduced milk into their diets. I'll bet they'd love it. Will have to add it to the net grocery list. This past week we'd had all sorts of things for breakfast: apple tart, polenta, waffles, rice, and pancakes. But usually it's oatmeal or cereal. That's what they like best.

Anonymous said...

:) i am a bad person when it comes to cooking.

Eat To Live said...

I have to have my breakfast every morning. Except when I am doing a liver flush like this morning. Let me tell you... I can't wait until time to eat.

I love oatmeal and also cream of wheat. I found an all natural cream of wheat that tastes so good.

When my Daughter was young, I too always made her breakfast. When she turned into a teen, she would not eat breakfast... made me so mad.


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