Monday, October 24, 2011

Yesterday I Got Annoyed, Big Time

I went around in circles in my mind before writing this. Should I write this post, should I not? I decided I should just because it's on my mind, is my blog and is about my family.

I have a certain person in my family who likes to pick on other people. I like to pick on people as well, but not to hurt their feelings. It's more of a silly, ha ha way. She lets it known to the world who her favorites are and states what she dislikes about people as well.

I don't even care if she reads this. Anything I can say on here, I would say to her face. I wish I would have said to her face. She hardly ever reads my blog, so this may never get to her at all.

Mica is her favorite little boy out of all the little boys. She's even said so. She said one time, "Mica you are my favorite little person." That alone annoys me. One little kid shouldn't be singled out as being better or worse then any other kid.

I have to back peddle and say that each kid is my favorite at times. Never all the time. Mica sometimes is a very good kid one day, and Isaak might be having a bad day, or vice versa. Never do I think, I like one kid over the others in a wide since.

It started like this: We walk into Aunt Terra's house to celebrate cousin Emerson being 4 months old. :)

I was already annoyed because earlier that morning our microwave broke, I was running later then I wanted to be, Mica was being mouthy and Isaak was putting his hands over his ears and screaming in the car. :( Enough to drive anyone mad. Another part of me wanted to laugh at my morning so far. Our 12 year old microwave was due to die. RIP Mr. Micro Wave. Mica was off of school for 4 days. He was bound to be testy. Isaak's into testing noise. Some of that comes with their ages. It was sort of comical. :) At least I could see humor in it.

We walked into Aunt Terra's house. One person (not Aunt Terra) says, "Well hello Isaak. How's my little girl doing?" Only she went on longer then that, much longer then that. I don't care if someone wants to make fun of my kids to me. I can shake it off. It just makes me mad when they do it to the kid who doesn't understand, can't back themselves up and could take things personally. Like usual, when someone attacks me or my own I freeze. I can't even react. It just doesn't come to me until later. Then I'm like: I should have done this, I should have said that and Why didn't I do this?

It all has to do with Isaak's hair. I want to mention that I dress our boys very boy. I can not get Isaak's hair into a ponytail. He doesn't have that long of hair!

Then I listened to the girls complain about how my Father, Grandpa Spiehs dresses. I understand coming up with ideas for Christmas time, but to go on about how they did pissed me off. They said he looks homeless and sloppy. He wears sweatshirts with stains and holes in them. Ok, so he needs new sweatshirts. Why go on and on? I kept quiet, not to make matters worse.

Looking back I should have stood up for two people: Isaak and my Father! So my Father might be on the odd side. He's an artist/gardener that's always getting dirty. I do really admire him for not giving a rats ass about how he looks. He is who he is. I love him for that! Some of what they were making fun of, I really love about him.

When we go to leave I handed everyone a picture of Isaak:

This person chimes in with, "Oh there's a picture of my little niece." I even told her to stop. She kept going on about his hair, him looking like a girl and bending his picture back and forth in her hand. She was laughing. She may have thought she was being funny. I wasn't laughing. I'm not laughing. I'm actually insulted. She got my niece involved in making fun of my Dad and Son. "Oh look at the way Grandpa is sitting over there! He even sits weird." I just wanted to leave. I was beyond annoyed.

The more I think about it, the more I hate when this person acts like this. She can be one of the coolest people I know. She's not one of those people I can stay mad at. She verbally has bashed my brother-in-law in the past. I've backed him up. I have an easier time backing up people that are not really super close to me. Why is that?

There I've said my piece. I just posted a video and wrote about respecting people no matter what they look like last week. Some people love to respect other people they don't know; then bash the people that are close to them. I don't like that. This person is known to tell their kids to love people with disabilities and people that are different. Then with their own family members, well they make fun of them!

Mica's hair is short. He has thick hair and head sweats. Long hair doesn't work on him. Isaak's hair is longer. I like his fine hair, and it lays nice. He has more the skater dude look. I may cut it in the back, but eventually I want his hair to look like the model below. We're just waiting for it to thicken up to do that.

J Crew model below.


Eat To Live said...

What an ASS she is Alyssa. I don't know how you can stand her enough to make up with her.

Did your Dad hear what she was saying? He probably works hard at his art and gardening and like you said, he really doesn't care what he looks like.

I bet when he (your Dad) is giving something away, this person has her Dumb A -- right there with her hand out.

She sounds like someone who has no life and has to hurt others to make herself feel better.

I would probably send her this post just to let her know how stupid she sounds.

Anonymous said...

That definitely would have pissed me off as well but like you, I am a little late with the words that I wish I had used. That frustrates me. In the end I do comfront them because I can't let it go/calm down completely until I do.
Obvioulsy you are still bothered by it. I too would send that person your post but also, in case they don't read it, I would call/talk to her about it. Who knows, she might not even care about what she said but at least you go it off your chest.

jayedee said...

the next time you see this meddlesome, just give her a great hug and say "oh my gosh! that little bit of extra weight looks sooo good on you!"

jayedee said...

and then tell her, that while you appreciate that she may like one child better than the next and that she might not like long-ish hair on a boy, you will not tolerate her comments in earshot of your's ignorant and hurtful and just plain wrong. if she persists, i simply wouldn't allow her to be around my kids. i know, since its a family member, that it would be easier said than done, but....

~ Noelle said...

I say that you print this post...
Write a letter expressing how rude she is and that you wish you would have said something at that moment, you waited and want her to know it was wrong...
then mail the letter and post to her...
wait a week, mail another copy...
Just to push the point home...

Anonymous said...

What a shameless person :|

I have been teased as a child and hell lot. I used to irk so so much and I hated it really really a lot. I was like, why me? why the hell me? And my parents always thought I am the one who can not handle a little bit of fun. Alissa, am proud of you for posting this, I do hope MISS ASS reads this and understands, kids need to be respected!!

Give her a good piece of mind please...


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