Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Early Halloween?

Last night we went to pick out a new microwave. Our microwave that we had for over 12 years died. RIP Mr. Micro Wave! Yesterday I called on my lunch break to see how lunch was going? Daddy said that they were at Famous Daves. He has forgotten that we had no microwave to warm up food that I already had prepared. Once he remembered that we didn't have a microwave, he decided it would be easier to go out to eat. Never mind that we have a stove and oven. :)

*It reminded me of the time our students had to go a week without the internet. They didn't know what to do. I heard, "Go look up reference in books?" I was like, "Ya!"

Off to the store we went to get a microwave last night.

On the way home Mica said, "I can't wait to dress up and go Trick or Treating tonight!" We said, "Tonight is not Halloween! It will be bedtime when we get home!" Mica was persistent that it was in fact Halloween! His teacher told him it was on a Monday. It was a Monday after all. He was getting mad at us because he thought we were not letting him go Trick or Treating. Poor little guy! We finally convinced him that next week is Halloween and that he will in fact be able to go Trick or Treating.


Eat To Live said...

Hahahaha.... So funny that he was insisting that it was Halloween.

So, how do you like your new microwave? I stopped using microwaves about 6 months ago.

What I Did Today said...

Oh, sad! It seems like disappointment is bigger for little people (if I remember correctly). At least he still has Halloween to look forward to!

Veronica Lee said...

After all the scary stuff I've read about microwave ovens, I never bought one!!! I still use my trusty good old steamer or convectional oven to warm up meals!!

Happy Thursday!


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