Sunday, October 23, 2011


I have a guest post here that I wrote about Boosting Your Creativity. Please read it and comment if you have the time.

I'm going to post a few of Mica's drawing for my Wordless Wednesday this week. That boy is only 6 and can draw!

Isaak's into sounds this weekend. He still tries to 2 finger whistle. He's also been putting his hands over his ears and yelling. Mica and I asked him to, "Stop!" Isaak said, "It's not loud to me!" Then does it again. I felt like screaming myself by the time the day was over. Then when I typed this I felt like laughing. What he was doing is totally something I would have done when I was younger.

Isaak's just realized that strumming your finger along an air vent makes what he calls, "Muesic" meaning "Music." I remember doing that when I was younger. Aunt Angela and I used to quickly change in front of a vent that was putting out warm heat in the winter time. It was a race because we hated changing when it was cold outside.
I also liked to play with door stoppers. In particular the kind that has a tight spring (see below). We had one of those kinds in the bathroom. It made this funny sound when you tapped it. I'm sure if we had one of those Isaak would have found it amusing as well.

Southern Front Doors

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