Friday, October 28, 2011

He Stepped On Her Shoelace!

Yesterday Mica got in trouble at school. It was the first time he's gotten marks. He had to miss part of recess! Daddy and I were not too impressed with his behavior!

He got three marks for minor things like talking during class, and one mark for something I consider major. A girl walked past him, he noticed that her shoe was untied and he decided to step on her shoelace. Only he wouldn't stop stepping on her shoelace!

It is my understanding that this girl did not fall. I only got Mica's perspective.

Daddy had already talked to Mica for 10 minutes about respect; then he got talked to by me. I also got a few CD's I won from My Baby's Going Green in the mail. I was going to wait and give the boys the CD's for Christmas. Instead, Mica listened to: Big Bully. We listened, we talked and we danced.

This weekend I'm going to have Mica write an apology letter to whom ever shoelace he stepped on. I would have done this last night, but a six year old writing a letter takes a long time.


What I Did Today said...

You two are such good parents. I love how you are dealing with this incident.

Anonymous said...

Kids tend to be funny and naughty...i hope yiu are not too hard on him...though its good to talk...

Eat To Live said...

Maybe he kind of likes this girl. Sometimes little boys and girls show it by being like this.


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