Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scared of Spider Webs

Isaak walked into a spider web this summer and was terrified!

He's still scared of them! When he sees one, he points it out and moves FAR away from it.

Tonight he woke up twice already saying he had a dream about spider webs.

Mica's afraid of tornado's and Isaak's afraid of spider webs.


Anonymous said...

i do not like spiders either! what was god thinking?

Veronica Lee said...

Spiders give me the heebies jeebies!

Great capture though!

Lindsay said...

Spiders never really scared me. Until a scary-looking one fell onto my dash in my car yesterday...while I was driving! I screamed like a little girl. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am scared of both as well. Yikes gives me the creeps to think about spiders and anytime the weather gets bad I am constantly watching the news and looking at the sky.

What I Did Today said...

Well, I can't blame him. Spider webs feel soooo gross! I stuck my hand in an unseen one yesterday. Disgusting!


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