Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Got My Flu Shot Today

My question of the day is, do you get one? I know some people are pro flu shots, some think they do nothing and others are anti shots.

I air on the side of caution. CAUTION meaning, preventing me from getting deathly sick. I get sick a lot from being a mom, a teacher and having allergies. I just don't want the risk of getting influenza. If a shot can prevent that then I'll get one.

I've known two people that have had influenza and it wasn't pretty. My co-worker that got it had thyroid issues and along with that had eye problems. It was horrible. My husband got it and missed 2 weeks of work.

I was a skeptic about shots when my boys were younger. Mica got his staph infection a week after getting his vaccines and Isaak got his meningitis two days after getting his vaccines. For awhile I thought maybe my boys had some rare reaction when it came to their vaccines. Mica had an ear infection on the same side as his staph infection. Isaak could have gotten meningitis anywhere. I pushed all my skepticism aside.

Now I'm thankful that we have the vaccines we do today. Grandma Spiehs had Polio when she was a little tike. It's been a real problem in her life. Vaccines prevent things like that.

When I got my shot today Isaak was with me. He said, "Momma are you scared to get a shot?" I said, "No honey. It really doesn't hurt that bad. It's like a little sting." He said, "Oh. Will you cry?" I said, "Nope." Then he said, "You will get a sticker when you are all done!" I said, "Nope. Only kids get stickers. Not adults." He said, "Oh." I think he felt sorry for me that I didn't get a sticker for being oh so brave.

The boys are getting their flu shots later this month. The nurse asked if I wanted them to have the flu mist or the shot? The shot is what I went with. The boys won't like that decision, but I know they will in fact get it. With the flu mist...well they won't even blow their noses; I doubt they will suck in a mist effectively.


Courtney B said...

awesome! i need to get mine! i need a flu shot bad because i'm pregnant

Heather said...

Ivy did the mist yesterday and did great. They just have to breathe in to get it. Dave and I also get them. I got the flu in grad school and was in bed for a week. I don't want to do that again if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure what I was going to do but after reading your post it reminding of when my youngest got the flu last, 13 years ago and it wasn't pretty. TMI but he can't eat lasagna anymore. :) I was able to get the shot at the pharmacy. No waiting at all.
We had only gotten it because my Mom had cancer and to visit her she needed everyone around her to have it but after she passed about 4 years ago I have debated each year as to whether to get it or not. So far I have because I don't want to deal with it again. Yes, it was that bad!

Kim and Neil said...

Got my flu shot today... Niko got his two weeks ago. I always find my allergies are a bit better after the flu shot, but that could be all in my head. :)

1955nurse said...

You go, girl! Wish more people would just get over it, and get their shot. There's NO WAY to get the Flu from the shot, the virus is deactivated! If you get sick soon after, it's because you were already exposed! We have too many small children & elderly die of Flu-related illnesses because too many people don't take their flu shots, they become carriers & spread it around! (And then it keeps mutating, so it's HARDER to control!!!) Let's get the TRUTH out, & make our world safer!


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