Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Night

Last night was family night at Mica's school.

The night consisted of:
  • Pizza
  • Story Time
  • A talk about counseling/spending time with your kids
  • Reading/library
  • Fun learning games online (which I'll be sharing in a different post)
We sat down to eat pizza at Mica's usual lunch table. Guess who sits next to us? The girl Mica likes, Kammy. It was interesting to see/hear Mica try and impress this girl. He counted to 100, showed off and was silly. Kammy batted her eyelashes and shot Mica a few smiles. Then Kammy's mom talked with me about Mica liking Kammy. I said, "Yes we've had a few talks about that. We're trying to down play the whole thing. We keep enforcing that she's a friend." Kammy's mom didn't seem concerned.

Then all the kids were called over for story time. Isaak walked over with Mica and sat on the ground to listen to a story. I was a little worried about leaving Isaak there. Daddy told me he'd be fine. He did seem happy to sit with Mica and listen to stories.

We went to listen to the school counselor talk. After about 15 minutes someone brought Isaak to us. His little lip was quivering. :( I felt so bad for him! He probably thought we left the school without him! Then I was wondering how he interrupted the story time! Did he create a HUGE scene?

We went to two other events. Then it was time to meet back up with Mica for the book swap.

It was fun watching kids run around in search for the books they wanted.

On our way home I asked Mica, "So did Isaak interrupt story time?"

Mica said, "Ya! He really embarrassed me! Everyone was looking over at us!"

Daddy said, "Well...what did you do Mica?"

Mica said, "I told him to shhhh!!!"

Daddy said, "Well maybe next time something like that happens, you should give him a hug and say, 'It's ok Isaak. I'm here.'"

Mica said, "Ya I just wanted him to be quiet."

Mica's never had too much empathy for his brother. :( I've heard he does at school with other students, but lacks this quality for his brother. Not all siblings have this protective nature. Mica and Isaak are more like ruff housing brothers. They do play well sometimes. Isaak's more sensitive then Mica is. If Isaak was the older one, I think he'd have this protective quality. They are just so different.

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Anonymous said...

awww! may be he will become protective with time?


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