Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mica loves puzzles! I do to. I don't have time for them though. :( Maybe I should make time for them. They may help with my brain and preventing Alzheimer's disease. Maybe it's just crossword puzzles that help with that. I make crossword puzzle's for my students exams, does that count? :)

Piczzle is a company where you can add your own photo to a puzzle. This would be so cool to give to Mica for Christmas. The only trouble with puzzles in general is that they go from 100 pieces to 500. That's a big jump. I think he may be ready for the 500. If he gets frustrated, I can help him!

New Age Mama is giving away one puzzle from Piczzle. If I win I think I'll add what I've been working on. Our Christmas card! It's not done just yet, but it's close. I kind of stopped working on it to get other things done. Here it is so far:

Of course, now Isaak has different hair. One can't win. I just have to put the boy's picture in again. See Mica's head, I was kind of sloppy when I put them in. I also have to decide what in the heck to put on the back. So much is new this year. Do I want it wordy, or not? Do I want the wording to go with the train/candy theme? I can't decide.


Liz Mays said...

Decisions, decisions! I'm liking what I see so far though!

Eat To Live said...

Card is looking good... I am sure you are going to keep us up to date on it.

Lindsay said...

Very cute picture! The picture on a puzzle idea is cool.

Kristin Aquariann said...

I hope you win! Your Christmas card is adorable and would make an awesome puzzle. ^.^


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