Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Child is Simple, While the Other is Complex - When it Comes to Their Play

Last night I picked up Isaak's penguin gift name tag. He said, "Mommy that's mine! See it says 'Isaak.'" He proceeded to spell out his name for me. He asked for the tape to be taken off the back of it. He held it in his hands for 20 minutes.

You want to know what I found under our Christmas tree a few times? A bowl full of plastic babies from my cousin's baby shower that was months ago. Who put it there? Isaak did.

A simple feather will occupy Isaak for 2 hours.

Mica's the opposite. He's the type of kid that will dive into his toys. He'll only pop his head out for help or to ask, "What can I do next?" He wants to stay busy.

Not only does Mica play with his own toys, he plays with Isaak's to. Isaak got a building set of some kind from his Great Aunts. Guess who put it together last night? Not Isaak. Mica did. Mica's been playing with Isaak's Chuggington lap top that I won. Isaak will turn it on and say, "Listen Mommy it plays the Chuggington song." Then he turns it off to here it say, "Goodbye."


Gramma 2 Many said...

What a busy Christmas week!! Ours was a bit low keyed as we had our celebration the week before when we all got together for family photos.
This week, though our two grandsons who live in a village in Alaska flew down for a few days. It is always a treat to have them here.
I am thinking I might begin the process of taking my tree down today. It took me a week to get it up so I expect it may take that long to get it down.
I hope for the best New Years for all of you.

Eat To Live said...

LoL, Mica is a busy, busy boy. I too wonder what makes kids tick. My one Granddaugher always calls to check in with us, while the other only calls when she needs something. Kind of pi--es me off.

Amanda McCusker said...

That's so cool. It's really neat to see the different personalities within one family.

Liz Mays said...

So funny to see how different they are, and it's a good thing you have twice the toys over there so you can keep Mica busy!


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