Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A few weeks before Christmas Cousin Emerson was sick with a cold. He was put on antibiotics. One week before Christmas most all of Aunt Terra's family had the tummy flu, our Daddy had a cold, then I got a cold.

1AM on Christmas Eve Isaak gets the tummy flu. His personality bounced back, but he wouldn't eat for two days. Grandpa Spiehs gets the tummy flu on Christmas Eve and missed out on all the Christmas activities.

Mica got a cold somewhere in the middle there and lost his voice on Christmas day. He sounded like a little old man talking.

The day after Christmas Grandma Spiehs felt blah and I got the tummy flu. I was really down yesterday, but came to work anyhow. No one is at work. It's more quiet and restful here then it is at home. I'm now feeling much better. Emerson is back to having a cold. That poor little baby is well, sick, well, sick and so on.


Amanda McCusker said...

Isn't that the story with sickness, especially this time of year? It goes in a big circle and hopefully, if your lucky, you only see it once. Hope you all get better soon!

Saru Singhal said...

Lot of sickness:( Get well soon guys :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hope you are all feeling better!

BTW - Your kids' bedrooms are awesome. I left a comment in the post.


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