Friday, December 30, 2011


Last night I picked out $50 worth of stuff at Uncommon Goods. I won a $50 Gift Certificate through Jumpin Beans. They have great products that are upcycled, artist made and just plain cool! The only downfall is that some of their things are higher priced because of the custom factor.

You would think all shopping would be over. NOPE! I have one nephew that has a birthday on Christmas Eve, my niece had a birthday yesterday and another nephew with a birthday in January. This time of year is spend, spend, spend.

I already took care of my nephew that had a birthday on Christmas Eve. We got him a microscope set at Costco.

My nephew that is in sixth grade is getting this:

He wanted a bonsai tree kit. I found a really good one here. His Mom, my sister is picking up the bonsai scissors. It's kind of odd the kit came with everything, but them. This is the best, affordable kit I could find.

On to Uncommon Goods. My one and only niece in high school wanted this:

I got it for her room. We always celebrate her birthday with her brothers in January. That way it's a little further from Christmas.

That clock wasn't the full $50, so I picked out a few other things.

Socks for me. I just love the mismatched socks they have:

I looked at socks for my nephew Emerson to. They were kind of expensive, he got some socks for Christmas, Aunt Terra says some socks are too tight around the top part and lets face it if they don't work for him online stuff is harder to return. So I refrained from the cuteness of these tube socks:

Instead I finished off my $50 with a book for my Dad. I'll give it to him in March for his birthday.

The book is both funny and true. My Dad always says, "You can tell a lot about your poop." It's gross, but so true. He also has told me, "If your pee is very yellow you need to drink more water!" After I had kids poop and pee are ok to talk about. Heck I had to describe poop to the doctors when each of my kids were in the hospital and weigh each of their pee diapers. Isaak insists I say, "Goodbye" to his poop when it's flushed down. It's just part of being a mom.


Eat To Live said...

Your Dad is so right about your Poo!! But it is kinda gross.

As for the pee. I take B Complex so my pee is yellow because of it.

You got a lot of good stuff!!

~ Noelle said...

So glad you were able to put it to good use :)
I love that site (and the people that got gifts from there loved them!)
Hope you had a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

I reviewed the H&JJ socks and they really are cute BUT like you thought, they are a little snug. I just thought it was because G had chubby legs :)


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