Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

I woke up then Mica woke up shortly after. He so wanted to dig into his stocking. I wouldn't let him. Not until Isaak and Daddy got out of bed. I wanted Isaak to sleep as long as possible considering that around the holidays, naps are non existent.

Mica thought it was funny that Santa left our fireplace open AGAIN. He laughed at the soot on the ground. He looked up the chimney and asked, "I wonder how Santa gets down and up the chimney?" I just said, "His belly probably shrinks. I really don't know all of Santa's secrets Mica."

I said, "Mica you better go check and see if the tooth fairy left any money in your tooth fairy box!" Sure enough she did. Mica didn't even bother to count the money. He quickly put it in his bank.

Mica helped me get breakfast. Grandma Spiehs always makes cinnamon rolls for us. I added a protein and drink and we were good to go.

Isaak and Daddy got out of bed. It was stocking time. Then it was present time. Mrs. Claus wrapped all of Mica's presents in graphic red and white Santa paper and Isaak's in classical Santa wrapping paper. Mrs. Claus cut out an "M" in Mica's wrapping paper and an "I" in Isaak's wrapping paper. Then Santa left the letters on the coffee table. Mica understood Santa's code. Mica was a speedy unwrapper. Isaak was slow to unwrap things.

Before too long Mica disappeared. He was off to build with Lego's. Between yesterday and Christmas Mica built a Cars 2 Lego set Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got him, a Rocket Lego set Santa got him, a small Indiana Jones Lego set we got him and he started a Kreo Tranformer set that Aunt Terra got him. I think it's fair to say that he likes to build!

Isaak played a bit with the Automoblox cars Santa brought and the "MikerDonalds" set that Grandma and Grandpa Apel got him. He's kind of unpredictable. Gifts I thought he'd get into that I bought him, he played little attention to. He did really like the cash register that Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got him. It was a little delayed because it needed batteries that we didn't have until yesterday. It's pretty cool because it actually counts money, adds and subtracts.

Mom's favorite that the boys got from Santa were these sweet lunch boxes that came with a plate, a mug, a bowl, placemat and silverware! I considered it to be a steel! The sets from The Piggy Story were originally $36; Santa got them for $14.99 at the discount store Zulily. They have really cute crayon holders, aprons and other stuff on their site. I love that all the dishes are ceramic, the plates are a perfect size, the mugs are 2 handled and each set comes with a story!

The dragon one is Mica's.
The puppy one is Isaak's.
At 1 pm we went to Great Aunt Sam's for yet another party. There were 2 pregnant ladies, 2 boy babies, 4 boys, 1 girl, 1 6th grade boy and 2 high school girls. Boy's pretty much rule in that generation! Add on all the adults, and we had a very full house.

We ate, talked and the younger kids got to pull out gifts out of a BIG HUGE box. They had to answer a question Great Aunt Becky asked first. Some of the answers weren't what she expected. They were accepted though. Becky, "How does Santa get into your house Evan?" Evan, "With a magic key." Becky, "Well of course! Go get your gift!" I think she was expecting, "Through the chimney."

You can see how big the box is. It has a lot of little gifts inside.

A heartwarming Christmas story:


Amanda McCusker said...

What a great Christmas story! Your boys are precious. Mica reminds me of the lego builders in our family. It is amazing the creative ideas they have and how much fun it is to build. Merry Christmas!

Eat To Live said...

Sounds like your Christmas went off without a hitch. Although you seemed very busy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a busy but awesome day. I will definitely be checking out the Piggy Store link with hopes Zulily will have them back again so this "santa" can take advantage of the sale too :)
I like the elmo chair too. Very cute!


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