Friday, December 30, 2011


Daddy had to work at the gallery where his work is at tonight. He did find out that he sold a $50 sketch.

I wanted to take the boys swimming at the YMCA. Earlier I kept thinking about how I was going to take them by myself?" The thing is, Mica is too young to go through the men's locker area and do everything himself. He's also getting too old and aware of nudity to go through the women's locker area with me.

Isaak didn't have a nap, so he was really testy. I was thinking about skipping the pool idea all together. Instead I decided to go.

I asked the front desk if they had a family room that lead into the pool? They do, but it's inside the women's locker area. I was thinking, "Ok!!"

I just lead my son through the women's locker area with a towel over his head - Michael Jackson style. Some lady looked at me odd. I said, "Hey he's a 6 year old boy; I didn't know what else to do!"

We shower and go to head in and the door was locked to get into the pool. Again I was like, "OK!!"

I have the boy's step back in the warm shower. We try again in 5 minutes and it was open.

We swam for 15 to 20 minutes. Then a lifeguard comes up and says, "We have to close down the pool; the chlorine levels are too high." Again I was thinking, "OK!!" Why didn't they test it before all the families got in is beyond me!

Out we go to get dressed once again. Mica leaves with a towel over his head again. I wanted to call him, "Blanket."

Then we had to go home to shower, get pjs on and go to bed.

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