Monday, April 9, 2012


We have our own hunt. Isaak wanted to grab random eggs he saw. Mica knew there were rules attached. A hunt that makes them think. If you want to read about how we were caught go here.

On the coffee table were:
  • A few special eggs.
  • Spanish DVDs from Boca Beth. I won one on Facebook and it took her 1 week to get back to me, so she sent me another DVD. :) Mica has no foreign language at his elementary level. I wanted to get something to help with a language. They say they learn that stuff best when they are little. I'll be reviewing the DVDs on here.
  • Melissa and Doug garden tools I got for posting their ad at Christmas time. Two trowels, two cultivators and a rake they have to share.
So the hunt was on. This is what they do when I tell them to hold their baskets up. HA HA!

The boys had clues that lead them all over the house and on the front porch. Then the last thing they got were these cute ukeleles that were not that much money. Now if they get lessons they will be a lot of money. We'll see. Mica's came with a book on how to play. We'll kind of play it by ear before we decide about lessons.

There was candy, but I only let them have a few. Mica's tummy hurt the night before.

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