Monday, April 9, 2012

We Got Caught!

Saturday afternoon:
  • I went grocery shopping.
  • I made Dirt Brownies. The boys were so excited about the gummy worms! 
  • I spent some time making wrist bands and handkerchiefs for the boys. They loved the the wrist bands and could have cared less about the handkerchiefs.
I kept looking at the time. It was getting late. Dinner needed to get done, so I make these yummy veggie chicken nuggets. I used fresh spinach and carrots instead of frozen mixed veggies. I also make my own bread crumbs. The boys gobbled them up!

I spent most of the Saturday evening making a cheese/veggie tray. It was for our big lunch with extended family on Easter. I was crazy and cut out cheese with a bunny and carrot cookies cutters I have. That took awhile. What took even longer was cutting out the flower radishes. I cut out thin strips of celery to mimic grass. Everything looked very pretty. Guess what? I forgot to take a photo! I just want to slap myself in the face for that!

I also made a coffee cake. Not something I normally make. Easter comes only once a year. I messed it up and only did the first part. Daddy said, "Just let us eat that!" I'm like, "No!" I made it right. Yep I can be stubborn!  He said, "Let's just eat cereal." I said, "No!"

By the time the cheese/veggie tray was put together, dishes were done, coffee cake made and laundry was done it was 11 pm. Daddy came up from working in the garage and thought I'd be practically done with everything, hunt and all. I said, "NOPE I haven't even started the hunt!"

He started helping me. I sent him off to make bunny foot prints on Mica's drawing that he left by the front door.

I thought they were pretty good and believable for Easter Bunny prints!

Plastic eggs were all over the kitchen floor and the hunt was started. I came up with the clues and Daddy was stuffing eggs like mad. We had stuff everywhere.

Daddy was in the process of hiding some outside on the front porch.

THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED...I heard Mica walking down the hall!

I have to say that Mica and Isaak are SOUND sleepers. They only wake up if they are sick or having a bad dream. Well Mica was having tummy issues. Needless to say, I was not expecting him to wake up!

I'm so I'm quick with fibbing! Not that I practice lying on a regular basis!

Mica looked my way in the kitchen and said with a glow in his eye, "Mommy why are their eggs all over the kitchen floor?"

I said, "Well Mica you almost caught the Easter Bunny! He left that mess there because he heard you get up! He didn't know what to do, so he hopped away." Daddy actually had to chase him out the front door."

Mica went back to bed. We hurried to get done. We were almost done anyhow. 

One of the last clues said, "Gee wiz Mica, you almost caught me! Your Daddy had to chase me out of the house. Please pick up the mess I left in the kitchen. ;) Find your final prize where you keep the towels."

In the morning Mica bought everything. He was so excited that the Easter Bunny left prints on his drawing. He cleaned up all the eggs the Easter Bunny left all over the kitchen. ;)

Next time I'm pouring all the eggs and candy out on our bed. I'm locking the door to. That's what I did last year. I was in such a hurry, I just wasn't careful enough.

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Saru Singhal said...

That was a sweet encounter of Easter Bunny and thanks for narrating your Easter day. I never knew how it is celebrated.


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