Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesterday I Was Grumpy!

I'll admit that I was in fact grumpy yesterday.

Daddy's been working like mad to get a ring done. The wax part of the ring was done, got sent away to be cast specially and when the foundry got it, it was crushed. Everything was rushed like crazy after that. Not rushed as in looking bad, just rushed to get it done in time for the big proposal. It's for no one we know. The ring will be posted on his blog sometime soon. He was still finishing it up this morning. Since he's been working crazy hours, I've had the kids all to myself.

It was raining and cold all weekend. Going outside to play wasn't really in the cards. Mica was full of sound effects and Isaak was full of ball throwing.

Swimming lessons were on Saturday.

I had pictures scheduled on Sunday. Taking two boys to the mall to get photos is exhausting to say the least. I had two gigantic totes full of children's books with me to be a backdrop, I had their one change of clothes in a bag and two energetic boys. Since it was down pouring rain, the clothes that I ironed had to be bagged. I was so worried they would be wrinkled! They were boys and decided it would be fun to stomp in rain puddles. I shot them an evil mom look. They were just having fun, but they were in nice shoes; about to get pictures taken. I ran to Gymboree before they got their pictures taken to get Isaak a matching button down shirt, to match Mica's shirt I love so much. They didn't have any shirts to go under the button down shirt that I liked. I walked FAST to Picture People to see if they were ready for us. NOPE! I rushed to Crazy 8 next door to try and get a solid shirt. All they had was a solid blue shirt with skulls down the side. Solid shirts for boys are hard to come by! I decided it would do because the skulls would be hidden by the button down shirt.

After a crazy photo shoot with Mica's fake smile and Isaak's jumping around, the photographer actually did get some really nice shots. The one I picked will be shown tomorrow at 4 pm!

I turned my animal children loose in a play in their play area. They ran, Mica hid, Isaak cried because he couldn't find Mica and I wanted to cry because I couldn't find my receipts to return the shirts Isaak would never again wear. Isaak found Mica over and over again. I found my receipts.

We ventured away from the play area to return what I bought.

All the way home I listened to, "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty!" I made snacks. Mica pouted because I wouldn't make him more.

Luckily Isaak's all over with tummy issues. Probiotics helped him big time! He wouldn't take the powder kind we had. I found some chewable ones that worked great! Now he's back to being hungry all the time!

Off to sleepyland they went. Yes, I made Mica take a nap yesterday. I needed a break from the kids.

Was it a bad day, no. Was I grumpy, yes.


Eat To Live said...

I remember days like that and sure don't miss them. Mommies are allowed to be tired and grumpy.

~ Noelle said...

seems like you had a very busy day that was just worsened by the surroundings... hope today is better ;)


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