Thursday, May 3, 2012

Isaak's Drawings

Isaak's really improved on his fine motor skills lately.

He started to make recognizable drawings! His preschool teachers wrote in the names of the people he drew.

Here's a self portrait. I love the messy hair. That's how he looks in the mornings. 

Here's his drawing of Daddy. The green stuff on the bottom of his face is his beard. He usually always has a beard.

Isaak will be 4 May 19!


Anonymous said...

Very well done! I like the messy hair the best. Unless you save them all, it's going to be hard to choose which drawings to save. I had boxes full of things my boys did in school but with all the moving my first husband and I did in the past, a lot were lost or believe it or not stolen. I can't recall excatly but obviously I had them in with other items so the box was labeled something tempting. Now that my daughter has started little projects I too will have to decide and it's already so hard because they are all so cute! If I don't we will need a separate closet just for that purpose! Haha.

What I Did Today said...

How fun! You have very artistically talented children.

~ Noelle said...

i love how they love to draw so much...


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