Friday, May 25, 2012

Cake or Fruit Pizza?

I can't decide what to make for Isaak and Evan's joint birthday party! I need to decide!

I did decide this, I'm not using a ton of red and/or black food coloring!

Here's a Fruit Pizza I made for some other event:

If I make a Fruit Pizza, I'll put berries in the shape of Spider-Man's face or logo. Blueberries and black berries for the dark parts. Raspberries, strawberries and June berries for the red areas.
Spider-Man Mask for Kids

But...let's just face it kids want CAKE!

I thought about making a round cake. I'd frost it with white cream cheese frosting or blue cream cheese frosting where you can see the sky. It would be pretty cool if I did a gradient! Then the dark buildings that would be standing up vertically around the base of the cake would be chocolate graham crackers with yellow windows pipped on them. On the top of the cake would be a pipped web with a Spider-Man figure at the top.  Maybe 2 Spider-Men at the top for each birthday boy.

I wish they made Spider-Man Little People. They make all the other Super hero's. I know it's a different company that made Spider-man. Some are DC and some are Marvel, right? Super hero's are super hero's to me.

They make Batman. Mica LOVES Batman. Wouldn't a Spider-Man be cute?!
I need feedback! What do you think? I'm not saying I'll go with what you say (sorry). I just know I might change my mind after shopping.


~ Noelle said...

i say both!!!!
LOL, that way they can have the fruit during the party (and if any adults are there) then the cake... as a party isnt a party without cake in our house :)

April G said...

Oh my gosh, a Spider Man cake out of berries would be AWESOME! I might steal your idea down the road. ;)

Eat To Live said...

If I were a kid, I would love cake... but being an adult with candida, I know I have to eat healthier..... Hmmmmmmmm... maybe you can make him a small cake and the fruit pizza as a back up.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!


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