Sunday, June 17, 2012

Curly Hair

I didn't know that with boys I'd have so much drama this morning. 

Isaak didn't want to color Daddy a picture on white paper, he wanted colored paper from Mica. Mica only gave Isaak a scrap of red construction paper. Isaak knew it was a scrap and wouldn't stop pouting. I gave Isaak a special piece of scrap book paper that had robots on it. Isaak wouldn't cave his pout because the paper didn't come from Mica.

Isaak got dressed and Mica got annoyed that Isaak was dressed classier then he was. Mica decided to change clothes. He puts on a green plaid shirt with blue plaid bottoms and wanted to wear his black plaid bow tie. My eyes hurt looking at him. I helped him set out something more matching, yet dressier then I originally set out. Then Isaak wanted to put on crocs with his dressy clothes. It took a little bit of convincing that crocs wouldn't work with the outfit he had on.

That was the end of the drama.

I got dressed up today. It is Father's Day after all. I decided to do something new and curl my hair. It was loose curls. I asked Isaak, "What do you think of my hair?" Isaak said, "I love it! It reminds me of a tornado!" Somehow that brought a smile to my face. :) It's better then being annoyed like I was with all the previous stuff going on.

My hair looking like a tornado got pulled up into a pony tail. It wasn't bad. Daddy said he likes it when I use the straightener more so then when I curl it.

The whole conversation with Isaak reminded me of when Mica (at age 3) said to Great Grandma Kent, "Grandma I love your hair! How did you get all the bubbles in it?" It was very curly and silver/white.

We went out to brunch this morning, over to deliver a June Berry Pie to Grandpa Spiehs. Great Grandpa Kent and Great Aunt Becky were there visiting, so they got to enjoy the pie as well. Grandma Spiehs made homemade ice cream that went perfect with it!

Mica kept hugging all over Great Aunt Becky. He was very chatty! Isaak kept taking stuffed animals and put them in Great Grandpa Kent's lap, piling in his lap and covering them both up with a baby blanket. We left and Mica said to Great Aunt Becky, "Bye Great Grandma Becky." I said, "Don't you mean 'Great Aunt Becky'? He said, "Well she's like a Grandma." I guess being like a Grandma is a good thing; except for the age difference.

Then we went to see Madagascar 3. It was funny. Usually I'm ify about sequels. Madagascar is kind of like Toy Story, it keeps getting better with each one.


The rest of the day was chores for me.

We came home and I made spinach salads and fruit smoothies for dinner. I cut up tons of oregano to wash a dry. I have pans of it underneath every living room window. It was flowering and bees were loving it! Then it was laundry. After that was dishes.

A busy day, full of fun!


Eat To Live said...

Hahahah.. your boys always make me laugh. So funny that Mica was dressed classier than he was. You better get used to it because you got a lot of years ahead of you.

Liz Mays said...

Your house is so amusing for me. :) I LOVE oregano. Basil too. Can't get enough!

Your tornado hair sounds like it was pretty. :)

~ Noelle said...

lol, just a glimpse into what i get to deal with down the road? i love the stories of the boys... and sure wish we could have seen all that plaid :) and your hair :)


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