Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They Have No Fear!

We went to the Navy Pier in Chicago. They had a few rides. Mica wanted to go on all of them. Isaak wants to do whatever Mica wants to do. I was a little nervous that my newbie 4 year old would go on a ride and start crying because he was so high up.

We went as a family on a really tall 150 foot-high ferris wheel! I don't like heights!

 The boys loved it!

Then we went on a ride I was more comfortable with, the 1920's Musical Carousel. This ride is peaceful, colorful and fun!

Isaak on a horse.

Mica on a dragon. He switched animals like 3 times. I don't think this is what he ended up riding.

Can you see me? Look in the mirror.

Then Mica wanted to go on the Wave Swinger. The flying swings! Guess who wanted to do what Mica wanted to do? Isaak! I'm so glad he was too short to go on the ride! Is that mean of me?
I was expecting tears. All I saw was smiles. I instructed to Daddy that he was to find a swing that had two seats; that way he could sit next to Mica. Isaak hung out with me at the tables. I was one happy Momma that Isaak was too short to go on the ride!

Then the boys went on the Light Tower Ride. That was no big deal. They just went up and down. 

They were lucky to go on that one because we were out of tickets. The lady running it let them go for free.

Is it bad that I don't like my boys going on some rides? Just because I'm a chicken, it doesn't mean they have to be. I just cringe thinking about them getting on top of a ride and freaking out. They can't stop the ride for my kids. They seem to have little issues with rides. It's more me that has a problem with them.


~ Noelle said...

i am with you all the way on wanting them not to be able to do some things.. i am the same way with broxton.

Veronica Lee said...

I know, it's in our DNA!


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