Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun, School

It's so great the boys both are going to summer programs right now.

Mica goes to a free, yes I said free summer fun session at a community center. Well we probably pay for in our tax dollars. :( I'd be so willing to pay more then the $30 donation fee - we donated $50. At this point in time I was unwilling to spend the money for some camps in the area.

Mica's time there is a drop off from 10-4. They can be dropped off at any time after 10 and picked up anytime before 4. Lunch is free to.

He's learned how to play Cricket, the Omaha Beef football team came in to work with the kids, there's a park right up the hill, they went to the Henry Doorly Zoo, they have one day a week where they do water activities. He's so worn out, but in a fun way towards the end of the day. He goes there on the days Grandma and Grandpa have him; 3 days a week.

One day Grandpa Spiehs went to go pick up Mica. He asked one of the older kids in the group where Mica was at. She sort of shrugged her shoulders. Finally he found Mica and pointed that girl out to him. Mica said,
"Oh Grandpa that girl's sister is gorgeous!"

Mica's going to be a handful when he's a teenager! 

Isaak started going to the same community center for a summer preschool. They work on crafts and just have fun. I'm happy because Cousin Elijah is able to join in this session as well! It's great that Isaak wasn't alone. Preschool is fairly inexpensive.

The only pitfall is that Isaak's preschool starts earlier than Mica's summer fun program.


Eat To Live said...

I don't remember being boy crazy that young. I don't know that I was ever boy crazy.

You might have to lock him up and let him out when he turns 40.

Ms. Latina said...

You're so lucky to have a free camp in the area! We have several by me but once they turn 12 the children are not allowed to attend. I really feel that's when they most need it so hopefully more funding is found for these services.


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