Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Took His Throne Away!

We never used a little potty seat. Like a wooden or plastic one that sits on the floor.

In my life long ago I dated a guy who's Mom was a Daycare provider. I helped out in the daycare when I was there. She had the kids trained early, in teams and on an actual toilet. I asked her, "Why don't you train them on a potty seat?" She said, "Because they are then used to the potty seat and won't go anywhere else." It made since.

As soon as my boys were a year old, I started working with them. In my mind, I wasn't training them. I was just getting them used to sitting on the potty. That way they wouldn't be scared of it. They would go. I kept sitting them on the potty certain times a day I knew they would go.

As soon as they would stand to pee, we did that. No aiming, just hold, lean over and pee. I kept telling them, "WOW you made bubbles! Look at how well you did!" in an over exaggerated way. They knew I was happy with them. No stickers, no candy, just old fashioned praise.

Mica was easier to train then Isaak. Isaak went, but sometimes he didn't want to stop what he was doing to go. He was and always has been more on the lazy side with things like that. Isaak sits on the ground, while Mica runs.

The only potty seat we ever used was this one:

Thinking back on the whole potty training experience, I wouldn't have used this seat. Like the daycare lady said, "They will depend on it." and they did.

Mica had such a little butt, when he was training I thought he would fall in the toilet. The smallest size of underwear wouldn't fit him. My sister noticed that they can in fact sit sideways on the actual toilet, to avoid feeling like they would fall in.

I should have done that.

Mica got addicted to sitting on his throne and reading his potty books. His favorite books were: Everyone Poops and The Potty Train. He was like a little old man that had to do his reading to go! He was mad at us when we made him sit on the toilet without the seat!

Isaak to got addicted to the luxury of the padded seat. He went in the mornings when it was time to go. IT TOOK FOREVER AWHILE! I would get so frustrated because we were running late! Isaak kept saying in his sweet little voice, "I'm not done yet!" Kids have no concept of time.

When we went on our trip to Chicago I said, "We're not bringing this thing!" -the potty seat. He never asked for it because he knew we were not at home.

We got home and he goes to reach for his padded throne. I let him use it one last time. Then I threw the thing away. He said, "Mom I liked that seat!" I said, "Isaak you are four now. That seat is for babies." Now he doesn't take his sweet time going potty. It's do it, balance with his hands, get done with his business and poof he's done!

No more throne!


Eat To Live said...

Well good for you!! Those things can become such a pain in the rear. My Grandson has one that is something like yours and it gets left on the toilet most of the time. When anyone else has to go, we have to move it....

Anonymous said...

LOL kids crack me up. I was also a daycare provider but let the children choose where they felt comfortable. I had many that didn't like the actual potty seat for children, or the padded seat. I'm glad he finally let it go and now sits on the big potty yay!!

XmasDolly said...

HI Thanks for stopping by. The only think I remember about training my son was I had a daughter first mind you and when I went to train him not having one of those seats & I thought he wanted to do his business not pee well when you're dealing with boys & you pick them up make sure you turn them around! LOL Oh and if you want to hear my husband's band go to You can sign the book to if you like and tell him I sent ya. hehehehe Thanks for askin'

~ Noelle said...

we bought the boon seat... but he uses it for a stepstool to brush his teeth, wash his hands...
for the most part, he has always just went on the big potty..
now, to get him to go facing the right way! LOL

What I Did Today said...

Great idea! I hate the potty seat. It gets so nasty! I'm going to show the girls how to sit sideways on the potty tomorrow.

Migdalia aka @MsLatina said...

Yay for you and him!!!

Btw, I'm sure the reason he goes faster too is because the seat is no longer padded. I mean seriously those padded thrones are big business even for grown-ups!


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