Monday, May 20, 2013

Naughty, Naughty

Yesterday we went to my cousin's house for their one year old's birthday party. I have a very small family in comparison to other families, so we get together for all the main holidays. This was the first birthday party I was invited to. It was nice to see their newish house.

My kids had a great morning. It was Isaak's birthday, so he was high on presents. The boys went to bed rather late 9:30 the night before. Usually they go to sleep by 8. Knowing my kids, Mica gets an attitude when he's tired, and Isaak get extremely whiny when he is tired. It's not a fun combination.

For some reason as soon as we got to my cousin's house I was faced with attitude by Mica. He wanted to build with their kid's Legos. I was ok with that. I wasn't ok with the fact that he wanted to fly his creations from room to room! I also didn't want him playing with the Legos on the floor. There were a few one year old's and one 2 year old walking around. I could just see them picking up a Lego tire and choking on it.

They decided to go outside to play. I was watching them from the window.

One thing about Isaak, which I'm worried about with him starting school is that when he's messed with he does not take it! It's when the older boys are around I see him act feisty the most. I don't even know if I blame him; after seeing how they treat him. :( BUT he plays wonderful with his cousin Elijah, who is the same age as him, and no threat. I saw from the window Isaak's arm raising up like he was ready for battle. Luckily there was no kid in front of him! I ran down to just talk with him. I said, "Isaak just remember to not play rough."

Isaak climbed up into the playhouse. Another kid was being rough. Isaak said, "My Mom said to not play rough. We need to play nice." The other kid said, "She's not my Mom, so I don't need to listen to her." I think my mouth dropped, and I had to pick it up off the ground. I said, "We all need to play nice!"

Isaak went down the slide and up the ladder. There was his 8 year old cousin banging on his hands as he tried to climb up. He was trying to knock Isaak off. I freely snapped at him. He knows better! Isaak's gotten picked on by him for awhile. This is a big reason why Isaak plays so rough back. Then I said, "Come on boys we are going."

I turned my head and there were a group of kids climbing the fence to go to their backyard neighbor's house. It's great that, that is ok with them. But it's not for my kids. We drill in their heads that fences are not for climbing.

Into the house we went.

Mica wanted to play with more Legos; I wanted to leave ASAP. It's not that I didn't like their party, didn't like the people there, I did. I was just annoyed with all the kid's behavior; even my own kids. It was just one of those days!

Off we went.

Mica yelled, "Mom unlock the car door! I can't get in!" As soon as I got in the car we had a talk.

Isaak lost it because he was so tired! One simple thing set him off.

I was so happy to get home; declared quiet time. Usually when it's quiet time Mica reads and Isaak falls asleep. Isaak fell asleep with his door wide open for 2 and 1/2 hours.

Both boys were excellent for dinner! It was like they were new kids. Sleep is my kid's best medicine.

Do you discipline kids that are not your own?


Unknown said...

I can understand your annoyance at certain types of behavior Alissa. I am a not a mother and hardly want to correct other people's children. In my days as a child you had to behave properly in the presence of any adult whether stranger or relative. These days so many children don't want to be corrected by anyone who is not their parent and even parents seem annoyed when you correct their children! Very sad indeed!

Masshole Mommy said...

It's so tough when other kids act like that in front of your kids - who are raised better. I think we all have those struggles and there isn't much we can do other than keep our kids away from those kids as much as possible.

Theresa Mahoney said...

The older I get, I find the easier it is to correct kids that aren't mine. I used to let a lot slide, but I don't want my kids seeing me let it slide with others and not them. We all need to have the same rules. I have had some firm words with my nieces and nephews lately (hitting, saying "shut up", ect). I would not have a problem with someone correcting my child for doing these things either.

Liz Mays said...

If their parent is there, I generally hold back and hope they discipline, but if they're not there, I'll discipline if it's called for.

Liz Mays said...

If their parent is there, I generally hold back and hope they discipline, but if they're not there, I'll discipline if it's called for.

Eli@coachdaddy said...

I don't generally discipline others' kids, unless the situation becomes physically dangerous. Even if a kid is being mean-spirited, my kids know they probably didn't get enough syrup on their pancakes, and we'll talk about it later.

I'll stay close, though - I'm ready to step in if needed at worst, and, at best, I'll overhear a conversation I can blog about!

Eat To Live said...

Kudos to you for making your 2 listen. There are so many kids out there that I would just like to give a good smack to. The parents mostly think their kid is cute..... Well let me tell you... Kids acting up is not the least bit cute.

~ Noelle said...

normally i do not do anything. i will say something like " that is not how we act" and no that broxton better learn. but there are so many factors that i just do not want to step in... unless it is a relative or a friends child, then i will totally say something :)

mail4rosey said...

I'm torn with it sometimes too. For the most part, I try to stay out of it and let the kids work through things on their own, but if it's a serious thing I'll step in.

I think you were spot on to say 'we all need to play nice.' Nothing wrong w/that at all.

I know some kids will say things when their parents aren't around, that they wouldn't dare if they were. ;)

Anonymous said...

Esp. because I am not a mother, I do not. I've done a bit of it with my ex-bf Don's children, but only because I grew very close to them(& still am close to them). Otherwise, I stay out of it.

But some children do sort of call out to be disciplined. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. I think each circumstance differs. I've worked in two schools before so it was part of the job. Trying to ask and discuss why first doesn't always work.

When they are young or older I go with talking and explaining etc but that doesn't always work. Depending on the situation I either leave, remove GG , or tell on them. ;)

When I'm watching them, yes, but if the parent/caretaker is available and is having a hard time because she has more than one child along I ask if it's ok. The parent has always said that their child listens better to others.


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