Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nighttime boys and I have a problem. After about 4 pm the boys loose focus. After 9 pm I loose focus. Don't ask me to do anything in the kitchen after 9. I drop things then. Don't ask the boys to do too much where focus is needed after they get home from school.

We are more morning people.

On the opposite of that Daddy is a night owl. I used to be before kids arrived.

Mica asked me to create a list of things for him to do at bedtime. Then that way I'm not telling him over and over what to do. We're eliminating my nagging qualities, and helping them to remember.

I still have to work on Isaak's bedtime list. With his I actually need to include pictures, since he can't read just yet.

Here's Mica. Inside the "C" in Mica it says, "night" if you can't read it. I'm going to laminate them.


Ai Sakura said...

Such a fabulous idea! We get home late after work and feel pretty zonked out too without focus. I should make one for Lil Pumpkin as well :)

P.S I've a new worldwide giveaway up! I have so few of those I feel so excited whenever I can share with all you overseas friends :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am totally 100% a morning person as well. I sometimes go to bed at 8:30 or 9 LOL

Liz Mays said...

You are always so creative with how you do stuff!

Harry Flashman said...

The little guy has a lot of responsibility!

Masshole Mommy said...

OMG, we are the SAME way except that with my boys it's about 5 pm. I call it the witching hour. With me, I lose it around 8 or 9 depending on how much I've run around during the day.

mail4rosey said...

#2 is my #1, lol, though I did just put a table and chair in my son's room and designate it a Lego center. we'll see if that helps.

I love your last one. :)

~ Noelle said...

i love your list... but most of all, i love that you end it with that you all love him :)
so sweet

Eat To Live said...

So I guess they are a chip off the ole block since all of you lose focus.


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