Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. Even though this week has been busy, I've been thinking about my Dad AKA Grandpa Spiehs a lot! This past weekend he was in the hospital. He has atrial heart fibrillation. I know it's common, but he had a surgery that was supposed to take care of the issue years ago. It worked. Now all the sudden he's having issues again.

    In the past his heart would go all out of wack beat wise, and they couldn't get him regulated. It took them a few days to get his heart beating normal.

    One back story: One time he came in from being outside, and he looked horrible. I sent him to the couch, and made him drink tons of water. I didn't know it was his heart at the time, I thought he was dehydrated from working outside. When my mom took him to the ER he kept having to ask for a bed pan to pee and pee. I felt so bad. It was one of those stories that was funny after the fact.

    I was just hoping since he had his surgery he was over this! He has to wear a monitor, and see a Cardiologist sometime soon.

  2. My boss called and told me that he had a project to give to me that would take no more than 1 hour. He said, "Only if you have the time." I agreed because when he presented it to me later he said, "I want you to do this!" The project took literally all afternoon. 

  3. I was excited to see that my sisters actually talked at our last family function. I hope they just get over things, and move on. What they were fighting over seems silly now. 

  4. We went to this place to eat called Gandolfo's. I have no clue if they are local, or a chain. They claim to be NY style sandwiches. They were good. It's just that the menu was a little overwhelming. There were too many choices in my mind. It was all up on the wall to read. 

  5. I did manage to get a photo op. It's a little blurry, but fun. I'm pretty sure other people in Gandolfo's thought we were a little on the crazy side for taking this photo.

  6.  I'm ready for the weekend! I know I'll have some yard work to do. Leaves are taking over our driveway. What do you have planned for the weekend?


    mail4rosey said...

    We're raking this weekend too. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope he's all better soon too.

    Masshole Mommy said...

    I bet everyone thought you were cute for taking that picture, not crazy :) Hope all is well with your dad.

    ~ Noelle said...

    Hope your dad is okay...
    (and so glad that your sisters are talking!)
    Hope you had a good weekend and can take today to enjoy...

    Optimistic Existentialist said...

    My thoughts and prayers going out to Grandpa Spiehs!!

    Eat To Live said...

    We went sight seeing over the weekend. Plus, Saturday night, my hubs had me go play poker with him.
    I hope when I get back home that I don't have a lot of yard work to do.


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