Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh Peanuts!


Isaak came home a week ago and said:
 "Mom something really bad happened at school today!"

I said:

"What's that Isaak?"

He said:

"A new kid Donald is allergic to peanuts. Maddie brought treats that had peanuts in them. Donald ran out of the classroom saying, 'I don't want a shot. I don't want to go to the hospital!' Maddie said she didn't know peanuts were in the treats, but she knows that our room is peanut free. Donald had to spend the rest of the day in the nurses office; even though it was closed."

I said,

"Isaak I'm sure Maddie didn't know peanuts were in the treats. She's not the type of kid that would want anything bad to happen to anyone. It is a valuable lesson for the whole class. All parents should read the ingredients to know. To be honest I didn't know you had a kid in your class allergic to peanuts. Maybe Maddie's Mom didn't know either. You can't have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anymore for cold lunch. You'll have to ask Donald if he's allergic to almonds."

The whole school isn't nut free. Just certain classrooms. 

I told Dad the same story. Travis said, "Oh well. It's not for you to worry about. No wonder why Isaak gets concerned about things. He gets it from you." 

My husband is black and white, and hardly feels for people.  

Then there's me. I think about things as if that poor kid were my own.


Do you think that all schools should be nut free? I'm not allergic to peanuts, but I know what can happen to people that are. It's not pretty. Some kids have died just being around peanuts. 

I asked the same question above on facebook.

One of my friends said that she would take them away in a heartbeat to save the lives of kids that have issues with them. I would to.

Another friend has a son and daughter that are allergic to them (only if ingested) and said that she doesn't want them taken away. They may start taking away more and more things. Soon enough all kids will be able to do is drink water at school. Good point.

Isaak's little friend isn't allergic to almonds. I made homemade almond butter. Of course many places don't sell almond butter right now with the Salmonella scare that happened in the fall. Isaak didn't like his sandwich as much as his usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it is what it is.


Masshole Mommy said...

Our school is not completely nut free. Like your school, there are certain classrooms that are and my little one was in one of them last year. I don't think it's necessary for the whole school to be nut free as long as the parents in the nut free classrooms are careful about what they send in with their own kids. I am with you, I think of those kids as if they were mine.

Ai Sakura said...

It's pretty hard to be completely nut-free for the whole school, but I do think they should at least inform the classmates and parents in the class if one of the kids has a bad allergy to something. Do they usually?

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

An Apel a Day said...

Accidentally deleted this comment:

(Terry) My Journey With Candida has left a new comment on your post "Oh Peanuts!":

I am so torn on this subject. It is so hard to know sometimes what is in our foods. .. That poor little girl could be scarred for life.

The parents should make sure when there are treats that their kid has what he needs. You can't expect others to watch out for our kids health. We have enough to worry about.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I never knew how serious it really was until I became good friends with Brandi at Yee Wittle Things. Her daughter has severe peanut issues and reading about them, yes, I am all for banning nuts from the schools. We have to have prepackaged with ingredients on the labels sent in with the kids when they take in a treat, but nuts haven't been totally banned yet.

The Cranky said...

My opinion: if our lives or our loved one's lives are important to us, then we have to be equally considerate of others.

Unknown said...

I think it's Janine Garofalo that has this joke:

"Okay, so we can get peanuts out of our schools, but not guns?"

Cascia Talbert said...

Most schools have peanut free class rooms and I think that is how it should be. If a student is allergic to peanuts then their class room should be peanut free. But schools need to better communicate with the other families in the classes with the student with the peanut allergy so incidents like this one don't occur. I pack school lunches for my kids and I always send my boys to school with PB&J sandwiches. I know some kids with peanut allergies can't even be in the same room where peanuts are present.

mail4rosey said...

My son had a child w/a dairy allergy last year. I was always considerate to send snacks that were dairy-free when it was our turn for snack day. I'd do the same with peanuts (and you're right about it not being pretty, I have a friend whose husband is allergic to them).

~ Noelle said...

We weren't allowed to bring peanut anything for Broxton in preschool... now he can have it...
i would for sure not send it in if someone was allergic.


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