Sunday, December 14, 2014

SantaWillWrite Review

Start a new Holiday Tradition that will quickly be your child's favorite! Santa is ready to send a beautiful package fully personalized just for your special loved ones.

My boys got their package in the mail yesterday. They were super excited because it was unexpected. 

Ordering it was easy. You type in your child's name, what they want for Christmas, and something they've done good with that year.

The only part that confused me was the sibling part. They said said on the site that ordering a letter for siblings can be done. I typed in Isaak's information. There was no spot to put Mica's. I thought it would take me to a new page for an extra letter. The site did take me to a new page that asked me for a sibling's letter. Then they wanted to charge me for a whole other package. Yes they have letter options for siblings, but it is another package that you have to buy. It's not that I expected an additional letter to be free, but their website made me think it was free. Ideally I think each extra kid should be an additional fee, but not the cost of a whole other $19.95 package.

I ended up filling out my original Santa's letter with both my kid's names on it {Mica and Isaak}. Before I gave my kids their package I read the letter I changed a few things to be plural. Luckily both boys want the same things, and have done well with school. I just did not have it in my budget to buy an additional package. I could imagine if you have multiple kids packages like this can really add up.

My boys were super excited to get the set!
The stamp is special.

The package came with Christmas tattoos.

Stickers that the child can put in a room. Isaak did this:

A few activities.

A Nice List Certificate. Mica loved this!

The best part of all a letter from Santa and Rudolph.

Mica read the letters right away. Isaak did the activities. They then told Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa about their set. 

Simply select the package you would like and watch your child's absolute JOY when he or she receives a letter straight from the North Pole that talks all about them personally - what they want for Christmas and what they have done to be good. Watch your child's eyes light up when they see their names on the Nice List!

Bring the magic of Christmas into your child's life with

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Disclaimer: I'm writing this in connection to USFamilyGuide. I will get a sample package from I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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Masshole Mommy said...

That is a super cute idea. What kid wouldn't love that.

Eat To Live said...

I wanted to do this for my grandson. I just kind of forgot about it till now thanks for reminding me

Theresa Mahoney said...

That is so neat! We did one of these last year and the company was horrible. They didn't actually mail the letters out until 12/28 so we got them after the first of the year! Glad to see this company is on top of getting theirs out in a timely manner.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Isaac and Mica must be very excited! And the gifts are cute, too..I want those tattoos :)

~ Noelle said...

Those are so cute!
Broxton got one this year from Santa, but not these fun things :)


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