Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow Days

We've had one late, and one day of no school for the students. I still have to be at work. Imagine that. I never paid much attention, but if you listen to school closings they often say, "______ school is out. Faculty report."

Monday didn't effect affect me. I get those 2 words mixed up seriously. Wednesday really did make an impact! I was supposed to hand students their portfolio's back. Lots of critiquing time is gone.

Needless to say my kids have gone to work twice this week with Daddy. He has a much more open boss than I do. I feel guilty leaving them with my parents because my own Dad (AKA Grandpa) has heart surgery on Friday. He had to go off his meds today. 

I pack up lunches, and snacks. Dad and the boys pack up the DVD player, audio books, books, workbooks, pencils, crayons, and paper. It's like going on vacation, and having stuff to do in the car.

My boys are odd, and actually like school. Imagine that. 
We had today off because it melted yesterday, froze overnight, and snowed on top of that. All the snow came down during rush hour.

I know many of you are sick of the white stuff. Noelle at 'Jumpin Beans' asked me to post pictures. She lives in Atlanta where they don't get a lot of snow. When they do the whole town shuts down. I know I used to live there.

Our first snow this week was thick. It was perfect for sled riding if the wind wasn't so cold.

It was so thick that Dad had to shake the snow off our tree to save them. There were broken limbs all over the neighborhood. 

The boys did go sled riding, but it didn't last long. We used to go sled riding in our backyard. Dad deemed this as dangerous because the boys weren't jumping out early enough. They'd hit a poll, or our house. I say, "Buck up, and learn to fall off the sled before that happens." He says, "No way!" I grew up sledding right on the street. Ya probably a bad idea. No one stood guard for upcoming traffic.

They went to a local school hill that tapered off. No traffic, and no fence to get hung up on.

Does that thing look familiar on Mica's mouth? It's his sweat band. Ok, so he found another use for it. I guess I need to get him a scarf next year.

This is sort of my view by work. I technically do not have a window view at all. If I walk to the door, it's what I see.

Do you like the white stuff? I do when it first hits. After that I'm over it. Really it turns into blackish muck pretty fast.


~ Noelle said...

Thank you for posting these for me... I love it, just wish more would come here. I thought of you today... I was at Kroger and saw a display for snow shovels... Really? here? lol... no need for them this year...
I bet Broxton would have had a blast shaking the snow off the tree.... and even if it is freezing, he likes being out in it, since it is so rare!
Stay warm and hope you get the boys back in school soon!

Masshole Mommy said...

We got hit pretty hard here, too. The kids had 2 days off last week because of the blizzard and then this week they had off Monday and a delay on Tuesday.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think it's pretty sometimes, but honestly, I could go forever without seeing it again. We are seriously considering moving south when the girls move out.

Eat To Live said...

Sometimes I like the snow... but not often. We sure have had our share of that white stuff this year. I am over it... I want spring/summer


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