Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hummel Day Camp

Both boys are at a camp this week called Hummel Day Camp. My husband and I call it, "Boot camp for kids". It's only $95 for a week of all day camp.

Here's some of what they do there:
  • Bus Them
  • Feed Them
  • Archery
  • Hiking 
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Songs
  • Mud Fights
  • Wilderness Skills
Last year Mica got a rash from the mud. Every day they come home they have to take a bath. I wash their clothes each time, and they wear the same things over again every day. Their clothing is bound to be unsalvageable by the end of the week. White socks turn brown. 

Why do I send them to this camp? They have fun, they come home tired, and they learn outdoorsy things. It's like a rite to passage camp for kids in Nebraska.

I went when I was little. I loved it! The only difference from when I was little to now, is that they no longer tell scary stories at camp. 

This is Isaak's first year at camp. 

Day 1 
He got mad that I told him that he needed a bath right away. He wasn't too dirty from camp. He had dirt on his legs and face.

The boys went to bed at 7:45.

Day 2
It rained off and on all that night before, and morning. It was certainly muddy outside. I was scrambling to find rain coats that fit them. Mica's old one fit Isaak. I sent Mica with mine. They just don't make rain coats for bigger kids that I can find. Any suggestions on where to get rain coats for bigger kids?

Aunt Terra has been picking them up. Then I get them after work. My nephews go to the same camp. She wouldn't let my kids in her house because they were so dirty. *Understandable She paid them to pull weeds outside. Isaak now thinks he can make money at home pulling weeds to.

Isaak got even more mad that I told him that he needed a bath right away. Actually he got hosed off before the bath. He said, "But I had a bath last night!" He had a mud fight that day. He was dirty big time. Just look at his what used to be his white socks.

My littlest man in the making had a limited voice that night. I don't know why he lost his voice. Allergies? Too much of that Hummel Park Feeling? That's a song they sing. Maybe he was screaming during the mud fight. 

The boys went to bed at 7:30.

Day 3
I went to wake Mica up and he looked like this:

He looked a bit like a boy mermaid. What would that be called? A merman. He had a little too much of that Hummel Park Feeling. They were slow moving this morning.

Isaak still had crackling voice. I gave him a healthy breakfast, an 8 ounce glass of Emergen-C to drink, and another allergy pill. Travis had them go to the bathroom before they left. At 9 I got a call, "Um is this the Apel household?" I said, "Yes." They said, "This is Hummel Camp. Isaak had a potty accident on the bus ride." Travis had to run across town to bring him new undies and shorts. It's totally my fault. Remember I gave him a lot to drink in the morning for breakfast? Top that off with Isaak being embarrassed. #MomFail

We're not even done with the week.


The Cranky said...

Oh do I remember those days... and the kidling had LONG curly hair to wash all that mud out of.

Eat To Live said...

I have seen all your posts on Facebook. It looks like the boys are having a great time a great Monday time.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I need to send Allison there! She's got too much energy this summer. She needs to burn some of it off! Love the photos!

Masshole Mommy said...

That is EXACTLY what little boys should be doing in the summer time. Going outside, getting dirty and having fun!

~ Noelle said...

Now that sounds like a fun camp.
Broxton did an adventure camp at chuch, but that was about it this year.


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